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 Trémorrag le dimanche 7 novembre à 18H30 au planétarium (orga Lieu multiple)

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Age : 101
Poitiers : poitiers
Humeur : allergique au bleu
Date d'inscription : 26/06/2009

MessageSujet: Trémorrag le dimanche 7 novembre à 18H30 au planétarium (orga Lieu multiple)    Lun 1 Nov - 13:48

Trémorrag Voyage audio-visuel
Artiste sonore : Pascal Battus ; vidéaste : Angie Eng
Au planétarium (EMF Poitiers)
Plein tarif : 6 € / tarif réduit : 3,50 €

Le mouvement, peut-t-il s’exprimer comme la musique et l’image ? La musique Noise et les vidéos de Battus se mélangent avec le travail de Eng qui peaufine ses images à la palette graphique. Les dessins abstraits et calligraphiques qui en résultent s’apparentent aux œuvres d’Henri Michaux, Len Lye ou Kandinsky. Chaque ligne émet son propre son. Leurs images peuvent se fondre et générer une nouvelle et imprévisible image ou bien rester hétérogènes, inconciliables. Dans les deux cas on éprouve comme un temps impossible, le temps suspendu ou éclaté, attribut d’irréalité commun au rêve et au cinéma.


Pascal Battus : musicien-improvisateur
A l'affût de nouvelles matières sonores, Pascal Battus développe sa pratique instrumentale autour de ce qu'il nomme la guitare "environnée" : guitare électrique sur table + micro-contact + objets divers + électronique, la percussion (objets amplifiés ou non) ou le pick-up (micro guitare seul).
X MISERE ET CORDES > "Au ni kita" - CD Potlatch 2001

X PHEROMONE > "Disparlure" - CD Corpus hermeticum 2002

X Musique Action 3 "Compilation3" (duo avec Jl guionnet) - CD Vand'Oeuvre 2002

X MASSAGES SONORES #2 > "Pascal Battus" - CD Pink Records 2003

X L° (Battus/Madiot/Murayama) - CD Ektic 2004

X PICK_UP Pascal Battus (pick-up) - CD Amor fati 2005

X FAGUS "Dans l’involucre entr’ouvert" - CD A question of re-entry 2006

X EYEAR Pascal Battus + Kamel Maad - DVD m3production 2006

X DUCTILE Pascal Battus + Alfredo Costa Monteiro A question of re_entry 2008

About Tremorrag

For the video they use traditional pen drawing and digital design on a wacom tablet and video effects processing with Module8. The projected video is a mix between their black and white drawings and animations. Eng adds digital effects to her drawings turning static design into dancing calligraphy, swarms of insects and live abstract expressionism. The animations resemble early experimental film makers such as: Len Lye, Viking Eggeling, Oskar Fischinger, as well as artists: Henri Michaux, Cy Twombly and Frank Stella.

The collaboration was inspired by Battus’ series of abstract metro drawings in which he places his pen on paper and let the movement of the train dictate the composition, line and texture of the drawing. Eng noticed Battus’ work process was similar to her own even though Battus was working with sound and she with video. However both use small quotidian objects and motors to build suspense, emotion, contrast and even false narratives.

Eng, formerly trained as a painter in the tradition of abstract expressionism, recently began combining live drawing in her video performances. The drawing is used as emotional gesture to capture the energy or essence of a place, person or thing as well as symbolic narrative. She is interested in presenting drawing live because the instantaneousness of the medium allow a dynamic element that the audience witnesses as each choice is made. This demystification of process has been a recurring element in her peformance work. Thus the ‘liveness’ is also a considered an element with time, sound image, movement, emotion, symbol and form.

Angie Eng

Angie Eng is a media artist who works in video, installation and time-based performance.

Eng was born in 1969 in San Francisco California. She was trained as a painter (UC Santa Barbara) in the post-classical tradition. She moved to New York City in 1993 and felt disconnected with the painting medium and soon discovered time based arts. During this time she became involved in the downtown electronic arts scene where she experimented with video sculptures, installation and with live video. (SoundLab, Fakeshop, Unity Gain,Pseudo Projects, PS 1 Clocktower Gallery)
She collaborated on numerous video performance projects, including The Poool a live video performance group she co-founded and co-directed with Nancy Meli Walker and Benton Bainbridge in 1996-1999. She currently has a few video/music performance collaborations with Rhys Chatham (Echodes), Pascal Battus (Tremorrag) and a new women’s guitar video band (in the works!)

Her work has been performed and exhibited at established venues such as, Whitney Museum at Philip Morris, Lincoln Center Video Festival, The Kitchen, New Museum of Contemporary Art, Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute, Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, Roulette Intermedium , Bronx Museum, Artists Space, Art in General and Experimental Intermedia. Her videos have been included in digital art festivals in local and international venues in Cuba, France, Greece, Japan, Holland, Germany, Former Yugoslavia and Canada.

She has received grants and commissions: New Radio and Performing Arts, Harvestworks, Art In General, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York State Council on the Arts, Jerome Foundation, Alternative Museum, and Experimental TV Center Finishing Funds.

She has worked with composers, dancers, theatre, sound and video artists including: Ron Anderson, Rhys Chatham, Vincent Epplay, Yuko Fujiyama, Jon Giles, Andy Grayton, Jason Kao Hwang, Simon Hostettler, Jessica Higgins, Hoppy Kamiyama, Gabriel Latessa, Zach Layton, Okkyung Lee, Jarryd Lowder, Matthew Ostrowski, Jean Jacques Palix, Zeena Parkins, Ludovic Poulet, Liminal Projects, Kyoko Kitamura, David Linton, Thierry Madiot, Geoff Matters, Ikue Mori, Pauline Oliveros, Karine Saporta, Jane Scarpantoni, Peter Scherer, Jim Staley, Satoshi Takeshi, Yumiko Tanaka,Keiko Uenishi, Elisabeth Valletti, Vire Volte Theatre, Nancy Meli Walker and David Weinstein.

She is also a European correspondent for AOA (Artist Organized Art) to support a critical dialogue between artists, art practice and dissemination via public events. She lives and works in New York and Paris.
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Trémorrag le dimanche 7 novembre à 18H30 au planétarium (orga Lieu multiple)
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